Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Atmosphere 9 - Blindfold

Mood: Accomplished
Sound Waves: Final by Dir en Grey


What can you say, to describe
Such a stigma?
Its a curse, its a blessing
Call it what you will--you gain and lose
You see through invisible walls
Run into cemented illusions
Its more than just the exaggerated handicap
Its more of a lifestyle
You gain some piece of Shangri-La
With its peace and tranquility
But there is also, obtained
The feeling that you're screened out from what
You really want to visualize.
Instead, its a bright eclispe you wish to avoid.
You have an untapped wisdom to yield to
But have lost the will to touch walls
With only your hesitant fingertips
And only with your lost voice to lead the way.

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