Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Atmosphere 28 - Repeat The Phrase

(Mood: Content (?) )
(Sound Waves: 'Starry Sky -YEAH remix - Daft Punk/Capsule/Beastie Boys)

Pure Intentions

Upgrade, degrade, where's the level headed
Unlocking of the heart's content
Of amazement
That filled me with excitement
All these years, instead there are tears
And fears
Unregrettable times when you came so near
To ripping my heart out.
What doubt?
You flapped like a trout's mouth
So uncouth of you
To say you were true when really you
Were not.
And the doubt was not
Caught in the hands of bout
Instead they slipped
And flipped coins to decide
What came from the inside
Instead you took your time
Decided to abide
And waved goodbye
To what we once were.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Atmosphere 27 - Time

(Mood: Drained)
(Sound Waves: Your Love Is A Drug - Puffy AmiYumi)

Le temps est ├ęternel
A clock is the symbol of change, keeps going forward, never-ending.
It comes in gears, in cogs, in dials, in digital images in a LCD screen.
It is a round table with twelve numbers and like ancestors, keep watching over me as I watch them in anticipation.
It has two hands, keeping it halfway, partway, a quarter for the days, one for the moments.
It ticks away the days, the weeks, the months, the years, in an ecstatic, painful pace.
It ticks away the seconds, like a countdown, towards completing meager duties and tasks.
It chants the lonely, tedious sound that keeps one company in an empty house.
It turns AM into PM, through the looming dusk, the rising sun, the twilight, the daybreak, ongoing.
It keeps one wanting it to stay, waiting for it to leave.
It tells stories, it tells lies.
It tells when the game's on, to force the meeting to stop, to be in her arms again.
A clock keeps the time loosely yet firmly against its chest, onto its sweaty wrist, yearning for that something that might or never come.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Atmosphere 26 - Direction

Mood: Very frustrated
Sound Waves: Nothing


I wish I could listen to you.
And listen well
Instead of my eardrums being beaten alive
Senseless and doubtless by a "higher mammal"
Self-approach to life.
Better than the complication of discipline
And respect for two sides.
Rather that than the ruthless assault of
Sarcastic enthusiasm and meaningless
Advice that is rotten but not an inch
I wish I could listen to you
For whatever things I've done, its never good
Enough for you.

Will you be happy then?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Atmosphere 25 - La Lune

Mood: Very drained
Sound Waves: Moon On The Water - BEAT CRUSADERS

This feeling is like the biggest comeback for
the least known boy band,
faith thrown at a construction worker,
soundwaves used for hot pads,
like misua noodles lit into fireworks,
a copter laughing at a screen door,
a baby blue cowboy missing capoiera lessons,
greens used for aesthetics purposes.
Its like a jalepeno dressed in leather,
an 8-track gone hip in '07,
a cutie chaser, wearing pincushions on his elbows,
a stupid barber with a butterfly knife,
synchronized krump dancing with azurite,
like the 8th dwarf, a mullet rocker on electric sitar,
the word that rhymes with platypus,
like a hierophant with a royal egg blue Beam Katana.
Its like raising Oni's legimate nephews,
honey punch with a twist of seduction,
a chandelier curtsying its brass mirror partner,
a black sheep family,
the screen blinking "He's not there" over and over again,
wearing sunglasses at inauguration day,
the witch doctor's words to win my way
into your heart.
Its like a dial tone come to life,
an everlasting sky, with inspiration made of sadness and rain,
a stray dog howling eternally at the bittersweet universe,
a mother seeing her child for the first and last time,
a feather storm made out of freedom,
a miracle twice overlooked then believed.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Atmosphere 24 - All over for Overall

Mood: Frustrated
Sound Waves: Decode - Paramore

I silently dream on about my mortal end
While my worried mind tosses and turns
From the calamity my conscious caused
As the sunrise rolls down from Haven's sky

While my worried mind tosses and turns
Insomnia waltzes me towards Mania
As the sunrise rolls down from Haven's sky
The uneasy feeling does not leave

Insomnia waltzes me towards Mania
These nights are driving me to the cliffside of Delirium
The uneasy feeling does not leave
For tomorrow is threatening to take my life

These nights are driving me to the cliffside of Delirium
From the calamity my conscious caused
For tomorrow is threatening to take my life
I silently dream on about my mortal end.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Atmosphere 23 - October Rose

Mood: Happy
Sound Waves: Dress - Abingdon Boys School

Green Ribbon

Her words didn't reach
My brain. Pieces of him
Began to pierce me.

Consumming my soul,
They inprint into my mind.
My dreams dashed out, sealed.

"Dear my love, I've left."
Deprived me into ashes,
My blood stops stiff.

My selfish love for him
Is displayed in these eyes full
Of regret, sorrow.

Now those words are now
Just a shadow of a dream
Fully spent, now gone.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Atmosphere 22 - Too Good For Me?

Mood: Content
Sound Waves: If You Were Here - JENNIFER

The train's gone and I am standing alone
I think of you and wonder if you think of me too
I'm back to the town that I was born in
To think of my life and to start it over with you

Cause you know we've been in a maze of love
And we are losing control to get away
Here I am walking on the hill in this town
Like in my childhood that seems like yesterday

If you were here with me
You could feel the way I do now
If you were here with me
You could see what I am looking for now.