Monday, November 17, 2008

Atmosphere 8 - Moon Phases

Mood: Comtemplative
Sound Waves: "Ichirin no Hana -HUGE HOLLOW MIX- High and Mighty Color

On the concept of love and phases

It is a crisp, summer afternoon. All things are beginning. Little things like these shouldn't bother her.

It blooms like a flower, so delicate, so new. Such concepts are so intricate, they must be handled with a fragile conscience in mind. Simple rules are made diverse; its like turning a cup of water into a vast ocean.

She can't handle such responsibilities. She is reassured that she can. And she tries.

It is a crisp, autumn day. All things are weakening. these issues are more than her expected phone call.

The leaves change colors, along with the seasons. Personalities overflow, yet they feel the same like a childhood memrory. its letting the choices that bind, break into a thousaund pieces. The chily air carries these emotions to greater, unimaginable heights.

She feels like she is on top of world's mountain. She knows she can never be blown off it. And she tries.

It is a crisp, winter evening. All things fall dead. Her world stops like a running faucet's valve, being shut off, cut off.

It settles in, a dark nimbus cloud, pouring its flurry to cover the scars, the fresh wounds. The silent Earth wants to be lulled into an eternal sleep, into an innocent silence. It wants to forget what childish desires and mistakes it created.

She needs this sleep. she has to wake up suddenly from the past, from the grave. And she tries.

It is a crisp, spring morning. Everything that was is renewed. A reborn spring of feelings sprouts up from her, waiting for these emotions to be discovered.

The flower may have wilted, died, but there is always dropped seeds of faith and hope, surviving and flourishing. Even if there are scars that look impossible to heal, it is by the strong, fiery embrace of time and the gentle candle of preserverance that helps immensely.

She believes she can try again.
She wants to try again.

And she does.

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