Thursday, November 20, 2008

Atmosphere 10 - Crash Dive

Mood: Agitated/Restless
Sound Waves: Heavenly Star by Genki Rockets

Decision Sledgehammer (rain proof)

Spin the cog on the color wheel
See what you'll get someday
My plans don't include luxuries of treason
You know what I'm talking about: you were there.

Yellow wave length, what a happy time.
Thinking that such ideas we think are steeless
Can everlast the test of time
But ain't it so cruel, we're so cruel and innocent.

Switch to green light, lets go!
We're happy people, wondering when the hell are we gonna grow up.
From the skin of undergraduate knowledge,
To the sky, we can take the world.

Orange prisma lights, shy away from
Feelings of wanting some of that numbing, warming feeling.
We're only human after all.
Its only right to have felt like that.

Blast the blue away, blast the sheets of jargonized talk
Cannon fire sounds like a merry jamboree of twisted people.
Maybe for a little while, we can rip away
From the dark beings of our minds.

Dripping away, red slips from the fray
The numbers greaten, the emotions unfurl their fists,
Could it be just that a hug meant more
Than just contact?

Where did the time go? says pastel indigo
And suddenly the circle turns into that of a wheel not functional
Seems darker than the fireworks we created
So very long time ago.

And purple shadows speak.
We're here now, but just not HERE.
Where do we go now, now that Fate burnt the damn map?
Only our hearts can tell.

Lest not meet again.
I cannot say why
It seemed better with just the memories we left behind.

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