Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Atmosphere 6 - A Dream (One)

Mood: Apprehensive
Sound Waves: Train Ride - Spirited Away Soundtrack


You find yourself in a flat surface. No.

Its actually a metal table. 

Your arms and legs are nowhere to be found. 

All you can really feel is your head, and... whatever else was attached to it. 

Your heart, even. 

It would be beating so furiously in where your body used to be.

Your eyes dart frantically, searching for an answer as to why you arrived here in the first place 

... when you see a teal-colored clad figure, its back turned at you. 

You realize you can only murmur your words in some alien slur you're not familiar with.

The figure turns around swiftly, now holding a wooden stick dripping with hot wax.

What's going on?! you scream helplessly in your mind.

The wax nears the bridge between your eyes.

You scrunch your eyes shut to shield yourself from the pain ready to commence towards you.

And then your eyes open without your brain's command.

You see a golden field.

You now feel your body and your arms, legs, intact. 

Your hand is clutching onto something. 

Something clammy.

Its... a hand. A warm hand that feel so familiar in your grasp.

 Your head's motor mechanisms return and you look up.

To see your beloved.

What the hell's going on here, you demand towards your beloved.

Your beloved whispers its fine now. Your safe with me.

Somehow, those words alone calm your soul, and your smile returns to your face.

The same smile that fell in love with this certain person.

Suddenly, both of you are walking through the golden fields of wheat and endless sky.

Your happiness feels just like the sky.

But then, you reach a tunnel. As you peer through the entrance, you feel an extreme cold reach you. 

It feels all too familiar.

Your hold with your beloved breaks. You turn and

Your beloved's not there.

You turn back towards the tunnel and your beloved is standing in front of the entrance.

"I'm sorry."

Exactly like the surging heat of hot wax, you don't want to accept this.

Your eyes close in frustration.

Let it all go away.

The lies, the deceit.

The love that you, yourself, pushed away stubbornly.

Let it all go.

You close your eyes without fail.


And I wake up.

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