Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Atmosphere 28 - Repeat The Phrase

(Mood: Content (?) )
(Sound Waves: 'Starry Sky -YEAH remix - Daft Punk/Capsule/Beastie Boys)

Pure Intentions

Upgrade, degrade, where's the level headed
Unlocking of the heart's content
Of amazement
That filled me with excitement
All these years, instead there are tears
And fears
Unregrettable times when you came so near
To ripping my heart out.
What doubt?
You flapped like a trout's mouth
So uncouth of you
To say you were true when really you
Were not.
And the doubt was not
Caught in the hands of bout
Instead they slipped
And flipped coins to decide
What came from the inside
Instead you took your time
Decided to abide
And waved goodbye
To what we once were.