Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Atmosphere 22 - Too Good For Me?

Mood: Content
Sound Waves: If You Were Here - JENNIFER

The train's gone and I am standing alone
I think of you and wonder if you think of me too
I'm back to the town that I was born in
To think of my life and to start it over with you

Cause you know we've been in a maze of love
And we are losing control to get away
Here I am walking on the hill in this town
Like in my childhood that seems like yesterday

If you were here with me
You could feel the way I do now
If you were here with me
You could see what I am looking for now.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Atmosphere 21 - back2back

Mood: A little frustrated and tired
Sound Waves: Loveholic - Sana

Thank you for the memories
It was never my decision to begin with
Hold my hand till I need to go
Its just for a short time
It was never my decision to begin with
For now I need to be set free
Its just for a short time
Lets not turn it all into regrets
For now I need to be set free
Life is spent on the earth then we fly
Lets not turn it all into regrets
Someday we'll meet again
Life is spent on the earth then we fly
Hold my hand till I need to go
Someday we'll meet again
Thank you for the memories.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Atmosphere 20 - Polystyrene

Mood: Tired
Sound Waves: None


With a grunt,
he pulled over the plastic
covering of his lonesome
Cadillac, breathing in the quiet breeze of Spring.
The morning seemed almost perfect.

So long ago did his perfect
wife left with a disgruntled
temper on his 47th Spring.
He handled her like a plastic
doll, with misty
eyes that were lonely.

Now he felt the same loneliness
crawl into his perfect
sales manager skin, mystifying
his conscience into a grunted
mess of plastering
feelings, unable to spring.

She reminded him of poinsettias in Spring,
making her lose her loneliness
of her material plastic
desires. She was the image of perfection.
He remembered only the grumbling
day when she lift like fog's mist.

He tries with all his might to stop the mist
from blinding his eyes. He wanted Spring
to not begin so disgruntled.
How could he when his loneliness
won him out of any perfect
situation? It was the fault of that doll of plastic.

That was a year ago. Now her plastic
eyes greet his with a new kind of mist
covering her sight. She looked like the same perfect
image like before, as if Spring
came early, right on time. He felt the loneliness
lift away, with it, his fury ending in a grunt.

His 48th Spring came, and with a grunt.
he welcomed the perfect angel like a plastic doll.
Again, the lonesome melody emerged from past mists.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Atmosphere 19 - Emoticon

Mood: Excited/Tired
Sound Waves: Yozora No Kawa - Ryoutarou Okiayu

Second Glance

I grow in mind, but not in spirit.
I have grown so diluted, away from the pure
Sense of thinking that gave me strength.
No one's out there to give me resolve
Because the world is so full of pride
That they hold their hearts in defense.

Is it me then? Holding my own in a stone defense
And letting down these dreary spirits?
Or maybe its just my stubborn pride
Not letting it melt to become pure?
I could grasp to the resolve
I tried to make, with this false strength...

No tears have given me enough strength.
No blood has shielded me in defense.
I could only think without resolve
Yet my body is detached without spirit.
I know it's not pure;
It's full of its stubborn pride.

Taking a step at a time, fall back proudly
Away, just to keep full strength.
Why, I ask, am I not pure?
Why can't I let my arms down from defending?
The night can take away my spirits.
The day can take away my resolve.
But only you could take away my strength.

This life is a weakened resolve
Because I am so hateful, too full of pride.
To you, I am now a spirit,
Drifting out of your heart, with little strength.
You have more of a defense
Than I'll ever have with this dirtied purity.

I could try to be in your light of purity
But nothing can be so easily resolved.
I keep these eyes directed down in defense,
Unaware that I'm inflating, burning in pride.
Cheeks burn, stomach flares from too much strength
I have lost contact with your spirit.

My prideful body is broken, without spirit.
I stand defenseless in front of you now, with pure
Intentions in full strength, but fallen without resolve.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Atmosphere 18 - Faring

Mood: Working
Sound Waves: Our "WORLD" - Namikawa Daisuke


Say goodbye forever
Because hello just isn't enough
Drop down the white surrender flag
Now is the time to bid adieu

Because hello just isn't enough
The whispers scream to bargain 
Now is the time to bid adieu
To a life longed to be regretted

The whispers scream to bargain
For strength, in exchange for loss
To a life longed to be regretted
Stand tall, be brave, move on

For strength, in exchange for loss
Drop down the white surrender flag
Stand tall, be brave, move on
Say goodbye forever

Friday, January 9, 2009

Atmosphere 17 - Phantom Mirror

Mood: Tired
Sound Waves: Your Love Is A Drug - Puffy AmiYumi


(Six Words: world, movie, ribbon, wings, metal, blood)

You round me up, you're whirling my world, 
Unfurling like skits from a high-rise movie. 
Your love is like a ribbon,
You lift me up like trying wings, 
Only when I fall, do I collide with metal 
And taste the smell of defeat, blood. 

But you don't let me taste, smell, my blood
Instead you whirl around my world,
Endlessly on the surface of metal.
I feel like a dizzying ballerina in a high rise movie,
Your energy like hopeful wings,
Wrap me around in your love, like endless ribbons.

Don't cut lose this feeling, our strip of velveteen ribbon,
Don't let the feelings gush through like fresh blood.
I don't want to fall with these baby wings
For you are the unborn universe inside, my singing world,
For you remake everything into a perfect movie.

I don't want to feel the cold, harmful surface of metal,
Nor do I want our new life cut into julienne strips of ribbons.
I don't want the director to scream "CUT" in our high-rise movie.
Nor want to spread this love through tainted blood.
It would break me, my world
It would tear, unleavened these immature wings.

I want to keep this memory, unfolding like sleepy falcon's wings,
It has comforted me from the winter cold of industrial's metal
I want you to hold me like you hold your eyes amongst the world
Like tying the knot to your to-be's yellow ribbon
I want to shed tainted blood
I want to be your supporting actress in your high-rise movie.

This isn't like skits from a low-budget movie
It is more like whitened angel's wings
It's not dripping to the rim with your blood
Its tasting more sweeter than metal.
I want to be entangled in this love ribbon
I want to be your world.

From the metal surfaces, I make you my world.
I don't want wrathful blood shed in our high-rise movie
We can soar with these ribbon-less, trying wings.