Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Atmosphere Air 4 - Background Music

Mood: Alienated
Sound Waves: BT by See-Saw

Island of Desks

The blister bubbling on my right pinky toe is beginning to swell
Alongside this stupid pride of being the well dressed on of the room.
My eyes are glued towards the plastic screen and my ears
Should only be listening intently to the furious discord of black keyboard keys.
But instead, behind my back
Are these voices.
Voices that sound so happy, but poisoning my trust altogether.
So full of themselves.
So wanting to show how much they have that much know-how of doing such
Useless banter.
I hate it.
I want to block it out.
I don't care who won.
I don't care if your test mark is better than everyone in the room.
I don't care if there's something bugging your laptop.
I don't want to know who's finally gotten together with that one person.
What use do I have when I wish for not to listen to it?
Proclaiming such things should be written, not told around
The others among your happy wreckage.
Ignorance is bliss, in my book.
They make me feel like a black sheep, which is laughable considering my attire.
One pleads for someone's lunch, and mutitasks also about their considered race.
One pretends this life is some stupid board game that everyone else should understand.
One is hesitantly just hanging onto the wavelength of the conversation, laughing along.
Selfish, without knowing it.
That's just the way they are.

I was once part of such a socially active island.
I was once ignorant of whoever looked my way.
Wanting to be part of the group of stars
That constantly gossip about themselves, like instant five o'clock newscasts.
Now I feel bending my head and ignoring the
Bothersome voices is all I need to wish for the damned clock to strike
For the next block
So that they can scatter and be together somewhere else.
....which doesn't happen, once the bell tolls dimly over their
Chorus of sarcastic jargon.

Can't they just shut up and do some work for once?

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Susan said...

Your writing is wonderful. Very full of feeling.
I found your blog when i searched maple ridge on a blogger search. You were actually listed directly above my blog!

Heidi's Mom Susan