Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Atmosphere 3 - summa cum laude

Mood: Defective
Sound Waves: Creep by Radiohead

The lost salt gift of blood
-alistar macleod

Come all ye fair and tender ladies
Take warning how you court your men
They're like the stars on a summer's morning
First they'll appear and then they're gone

I wish I were a tiny sparrow
And I had wings and I could fly
I'd fly away to my own true lover
And all he'd ask I would deny

Alas I'm not a tiny sparrow
I have not wings nor can I fly
And on this earth in grief and sorrow
I am bound until I die

All alone as I strayed by the banks of the river
Watching the moonbeams at evening of day
All alone as I wandered I spied a young stranger
Weeping and wailing with many a sigh

Weeping for one who is now lying lonely
Weeping for one who no mortal can save
As the foaming dark waters flow silently past him
Onward they flow over a young girl's grave

Oh my darling come tarry here with me
Don't leave me alone distracted in pain
For as death is the dagger that piled us asunder
Wide is this gulf, love, between you and I.

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