Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Atmosphere 19 - Emoticon

Mood: Excited/Tired
Sound Waves: Yozora No Kawa - Ryoutarou Okiayu

Second Glance

I grow in mind, but not in spirit.
I have grown so diluted, away from the pure
Sense of thinking that gave me strength.
No one's out there to give me resolve
Because the world is so full of pride
That they hold their hearts in defense.

Is it me then? Holding my own in a stone defense
And letting down these dreary spirits?
Or maybe its just my stubborn pride
Not letting it melt to become pure?
I could grasp to the resolve
I tried to make, with this false strength...

No tears have given me enough strength.
No blood has shielded me in defense.
I could only think without resolve
Yet my body is detached without spirit.
I know it's not pure;
It's full of its stubborn pride.

Taking a step at a time, fall back proudly
Away, just to keep full strength.
Why, I ask, am I not pure?
Why can't I let my arms down from defending?
The night can take away my spirits.
The day can take away my resolve.
But only you could take away my strength.

This life is a weakened resolve
Because I am so hateful, too full of pride.
To you, I am now a spirit,
Drifting out of your heart, with little strength.
You have more of a defense
Than I'll ever have with this dirtied purity.

I could try to be in your light of purity
But nothing can be so easily resolved.
I keep these eyes directed down in defense,
Unaware that I'm inflating, burning in pride.
Cheeks burn, stomach flares from too much strength
I have lost contact with your spirit.

My prideful body is broken, without spirit.
I stand defenseless in front of you now, with pure
Intentions in full strength, but fallen without resolve.

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