Friday, January 9, 2009

Atmosphere 17 - Phantom Mirror

Mood: Tired
Sound Waves: Your Love Is A Drug - Puffy AmiYumi


(Six Words: world, movie, ribbon, wings, metal, blood)

You round me up, you're whirling my world, 
Unfurling like skits from a high-rise movie. 
Your love is like a ribbon,
You lift me up like trying wings, 
Only when I fall, do I collide with metal 
And taste the smell of defeat, blood. 

But you don't let me taste, smell, my blood
Instead you whirl around my world,
Endlessly on the surface of metal.
I feel like a dizzying ballerina in a high rise movie,
Your energy like hopeful wings,
Wrap me around in your love, like endless ribbons.

Don't cut lose this feeling, our strip of velveteen ribbon,
Don't let the feelings gush through like fresh blood.
I don't want to fall with these baby wings
For you are the unborn universe inside, my singing world,
For you remake everything into a perfect movie.

I don't want to feel the cold, harmful surface of metal,
Nor do I want our new life cut into julienne strips of ribbons.
I don't want the director to scream "CUT" in our high-rise movie.
Nor want to spread this love through tainted blood.
It would break me, my world
It would tear, unleavened these immature wings.

I want to keep this memory, unfolding like sleepy falcon's wings,
It has comforted me from the winter cold of industrial's metal
I want you to hold me like you hold your eyes amongst the world
Like tying the knot to your to-be's yellow ribbon
I want to shed tainted blood
I want to be your supporting actress in your high-rise movie.

This isn't like skits from a low-budget movie
It is more like whitened angel's wings
It's not dripping to the rim with your blood
Its tasting more sweeter than metal.
I want to be entangled in this love ribbon
I want to be your world.

From the metal surfaces, I make you my world.
I don't want wrathful blood shed in our high-rise movie
We can soar with these ribbon-less, trying wings.

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