Thursday, February 19, 2009

Atmosphere 25 - La Lune

Mood: Very drained
Sound Waves: Moon On The Water - BEAT CRUSADERS

This feeling is like the biggest comeback for
the least known boy band,
faith thrown at a construction worker,
soundwaves used for hot pads,
like misua noodles lit into fireworks,
a copter laughing at a screen door,
a baby blue cowboy missing capoiera lessons,
greens used for aesthetics purposes.
Its like a jalepeno dressed in leather,
an 8-track gone hip in '07,
a cutie chaser, wearing pincushions on his elbows,
a stupid barber with a butterfly knife,
synchronized krump dancing with azurite,
like the 8th dwarf, a mullet rocker on electric sitar,
the word that rhymes with platypus,
like a hierophant with a royal egg blue Beam Katana.
Its like raising Oni's legimate nephews,
honey punch with a twist of seduction,
a chandelier curtsying its brass mirror partner,
a black sheep family,
the screen blinking "He's not there" over and over again,
wearing sunglasses at inauguration day,
the witch doctor's words to win my way
into your heart.
Its like a dial tone come to life,
an everlasting sky, with inspiration made of sadness and rain,
a stray dog howling eternally at the bittersweet universe,
a mother seeing her child for the first and last time,
a feather storm made out of freedom,
a miracle twice overlooked then believed.

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