Thursday, December 4, 2008

Atmosphere 15 - Broken Nail

Mood: Angered
Sound Waves: SIX Feelings by Junichi Suwabe

"Besides smiling, name another way people express happiness"

I can make an upside down rainbow 
Burst into candy rain, sweetened with
The exuberance of delightful radiance.
I can share my lungful jubilee
To others around me
And it'll infect them so much, they'll
Cry tears of mirth for trying to resist.
I can communicate my own body to
Signify the felicitous euphoria
Through these limbs of self-control.
Let them break its bonds and let them
Feel what it is meant by the universal shout.
Whatever feeling I have that wants to be heard
I shall make itself known.
Then, there are some that don't even show the inside
Of their spiral-shaped shells, afraid of
What little they can offer.
To receive is to give.
With just gently rocking someone's perseverance,
A world is driven back from a forgiving cause.

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